steveSteve Zaffron, CEO of Vanto Group, is an internationally recognized leadership authority, organizational consultant, and author. Vanto Group is a consulting firm that designs and implements large-scale initiatives to elevate organizational performance. In his role as CEO, Zaffron has directed major corporate initiatives with clients that range from Fortune 100 corporations to entrepreneurial firms in industries as diverse as technology, mining, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. He advises firms on their performance strategies, translating the abstract ideas of organizational transformation into tools to create economic value and new levels of success. Vanto Group’s engagements encompass a full range of consulting services with a specific focus on performance, agility, and the ability to maintain a competitive advantage.

Steve Zaffron is noted for his ability to deliver provocative new perspectives on competitive advantage, organizational change, and transformational leadership. His strategic and practical insights have guided leaders of large and small organizations worldwide for more than 25 years. The groundbreaking book, The Three Laws of Performance (coauthored by Steve Zaffron and David Logan), explores the underpinnings in performance in business and articulates a new theory about what underlies breakthrough results.

Stimulating people to act in new ways and giving them the power to do so is one of the most important differences between those companies which stagnate, and those which develop and sustain a competitive edge.

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Leadership: Inventing the Future

A 3-Day Conference – May 2, 3, 4, and the morning of the 5th 2017

Designed for individuals at all levels from top executives to emerging leaders, Leadership: Inventing the Future is a program that expands leadership capacity, improves corporate performance and positions organizations to thrive.

Sponsors: George Mason University School of Business and Vanto Group

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The Three Laws of Performance

The Three Laws of Performance:Rewriting the Future for Your
Organization and Your Life

This provocative, eye-opening book by Steve Zaffron and David Logan gets right to the underpinnings of achieving extraordinary results and breakthrough performance.
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I believe this book may be one of the most important written in many years. The ideas are much larger than we normally see in business books...

—Warren Bennis Founding Chairman of The Leadership Institute at the
University of Southern California

The world needs this book; it is a gem. The ideas and stories presented are empowering tributes to leaders and organizations who create space for success.

—Paul Fireman Founder, Reebok International
Chairman, Fireman Capital Partners

Implementing their three "invariable laws" will help you and others perform beyond limits and with integrity. The reasoning is sound, the language is clear, the illustrations are compelling. A delightful, informative read.

—Chris Argyris James Bryant Conant Professor (Emeritus)
Graduate Schools of Business Administration and of Education Harvard University


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Vanto Group

Vanto Group is an international consulting firm dedicated to creating unprecedented business results. We partner with our clients to design and implement organizational initiatives that produce significant, sustainable change in a surprisingly short period of time.

Vanto Group offers a full range of consulting services from strategic planning, to building and coaching high-performance executive management teams, to implementing large-scale initiatives in workforce mobilization. Vanto Group's unique technology and approach have worked successfully for a wide range of clients in industries including health services, mining, aerospace, financial services, information services, medical device manufacturing, electronics, government, and energy services.

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